Rates & FeesFees are based on an hourly rate. There is a two-hour minimum for insurance appraisals and a three-hour minimum for tax appraisals. For some assignments, a project-based fee is more appropriate. An engagement letter and written estimate are provided in advance.

Roundtrip travel to neighborhoods south of Market Street in San Francisco and outside the City of San Francisco is billed at 50% of the hourly rate.

All reports are signed, certified, and delivered electronically (pdf). Printed and bound hard copies are billed at cost plus postage and an administrative fee.

McDonough Fine Art Appraisals, LLC, is registered and insured.

Please do not submit Susan McDonough’s name as an expert witness without receipt of a signed contract from McDonough Fine Art Appraisals, LLC. The appraiser is not considered hired until she has agreed to accept the assignment and has received the contract signed by the client along with the specified retainer.

​Image Credit: Paul Cézanne (French, 1839–1906), Still Life with Apples and Pears
ca. 1891–92 (detail). Collection: Metropolitan Museum of Art (License: CC0)​